April 29, 2016

CLT House Featured for Thoughtful, Layored Design

CLT House continues to gain media attention with this inspiring Q&A with the home’s owner and architect, Susan Jones on ModernHomeTour.com.

“The home is also the first in the state of Washington to be constructed using CLT – or cross-laminated timber, an engineered wood product prized for its structural properties and low environmental impact. Though widely used throughout Europe – in the UK, CLT has been used in the construction of wooden high-rises, and in Italy to create thousands of earthquake-proof houses – it is a technology only recently being explored in North America.” 

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April 26, 2016

Gray Magazine Highlights CLT House

Gray, Seattle’s modern design magazine featured CLT House in its 2016 Modern Home Tour preview.

“In the Madison Park neighborhood, this is known as the “CLT House.” Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) is engi26neered from sustainably harvested regional timber, and this house helps raise the material’s profile in the Northwest.”

Read the inclusion here.



April 7, 2016

DJC Spotlights SolHaus in Capitol Hill

The Daily Journal of Commerce featured SolHaus, our second Passive House-constructed townhome project in this front page story. SolHaus delivers vibrant indoor/outdoor living, healthy indoor air quality, and superlative comfort with state-of-the-art systems, air-tight windows, and increased insulation. Read the full story. 


March 29, 2016

UrbnLivn Loves SolHaus

UrbnLivn toured SolHaus, our Passive House-constructed townhome project in Capitol Hill and posted this a great review.

“The units are nice, lots of open spaces, I love the concrete floors, some units have garage doors in the living room which would be nice in the summer and from watching my client grill the construction supervisor and workers, it is clear Cascade Built knows their stuff.”

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