Passion, collaboration, creativity and commitment define us.

Sloan Ritchie developed a practice around science-based building that meets compelling demand for energy efficiency and a significant reduction in global greenhouse gas emissions. For nearly two decades, his commitment to deconstructing the idea that there’s only one way to build has led him to explore and deliver a proven path of high-performance construction and buildings that developers want and consumers are beginning to demand.

His track record, unrelenting commitment and palpable confidence navigating projects through the available building standards – Built Green, LEED and now Passive House – demonstrated a thoughtful evolution that unveiled his conservative nature, integrity and calculated approach to success. With every Passive House project, Sloan’s vision is realized, providing residents with the highest quality of living in comfort with fresh, healthy indoor air, toxin-free finishes, intentional daylighting, quiet and security.

Sloan believes Passive House building construction and retrofitting are an inevitable part of our future, where resources are more and more constrained and costly, and durability and attention to air quality will be requirements. His integrity in building and commitment to demonstrating his success has earned him coveted spots as a speaker and resource for media on the topics of green building, Passive House and the future fabric of our urban landscapes. His mission is to improve the built environment, creating value for stakeholders and the community at large.