Champions for good living.

The region’s pioneer in Passive House, high-performance construction

Cascade Built is an award-winning sustainable builder known for creating cutting-edge high-performance buildings in Seattle’s urban core. We employ Passive House construction techniques and durable materials during construction for draft-free, comfortable, quiet, secure and healthy environments, while significantly reducing energy consumption and maintenance costs for owners.

Cascade Built is a thought leader on the topic of high-performance homes, with projects that are in the 90th percentile of newly constructed homes and buildings for comfort, quality of life and energy use. Our deep understanding of building science, collaborative approach and passion for preserving resources set us apart from the competition. Constructing buildings that are better for occupants, the community and the environment, Cascade Built is demonstrating a new way of building that will be instrumental in transforming the way Seattle lives.

Our homeowners choose to be part of the solution to climate change, not contributors to the problem. They are thinkers, doers and forecasters for the future of homes. They value their health, their community and the luxury of a comfortable environment. They seek quality, durability and livability through functional design and material selection. They understand the economics of investing now to save later and relish in their role as a thought leader.