Product Spotlight: Get Serious About Your Windows

We take windows very seriously – pun intended. While we strive to source building products locally, we recently used a California-based manufacturer whose product works so well, it inspired us to write a blog entry about them, and on the topic.

SeriousWindows and SeriousGlass products, from Serious Energy, combine outstanding performance, reducing resource loss while improving thermal comfort, with a pleasing aesthetic. The company offers both vinyl and fiberglass window frame options in the styles you would expect.

SeriousWindows was our choice for windows in the Alley House 2.

And while we are on the topic, here are our five reasons why it’s worth paying more for windows:

  1. Inefficient single or dual pane windows account for 25-35% of energy loss
  2. Most windows are not recyclable (except aluminum) which puts a lot of material in the landfill (consider doing this less frequently with a longer-life window)
  3. Replacement is costly and inconvenient: Window prices are not decreasing, pay now at a lower rate for 50 year windows so you don’t have to pay again in 10 or 20 years for inexpensive windows
  4. Good windows are a source of ambient comfort – whether it is warm or cold. Bye, bye drafty windows
  5. You may benefit from a tax credit, further offsetting your investment in better windows up front
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