Debunking Green Building Myths

Debunking Green Building Myths

Just like everything, green building is bogged down by myths that end up preventing homeowners from enjoying a healthier more energy efficient home.  We’re taking a stab today at dispelling the more common ones.

Green homes are unsightly and unstable

Not true.  Being green, however, doesn’t mean you need to line your roof with solar panels or build your home out of mud and sticks. There is no specific ‘green building style,’ and with today’s technologies and innovations, nearly any architectural style can incorporate green building practices.  Check out our featured projects for a look at a few of our contemporary, modern sustainable homes built using materials like a 50-year roof, forest stewardship council certified lumber and Hardie panels.

Building green is more expensive

With every product there are varying price points.  It’s true that some products used in a green home are more expensive, but there are many that are not:

  • Advanced framing in new homes
  • No and low VOC paints & sealants
  • Recycled content drywall
  • Passive solar heat gain
  • RecycleTop countertops (100% recycled content)

Green building is just a trend

Many, many years ago, this could have been debated, but today, this notion needs to be completely thrown out your energy-efficient window. According to the Environmental Leader, the green building market is expected to increase from about $70 billion to $173.5 billion by 2015. With President Obama’s help (check out our last blog post on his ‘Green Buildings Initiative’), the green building industry is expected to continue growing long into the future.

For us, green building is not negotiable.  It’s the future of our home and building landscape.

Send us other myths or questions surrounding green building that you’d like addressed.

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