Ho, ho, hold the holiday waste

Ho, ho, hold the holiday waste

The holiday season is here and that means over-indulgence is in full force.  Forget the added food and alcohol consumption; I’m losing sleep over the 25% increase in household waste.  That’s an extra one million tons of trash we’re putting into landfills each week during the holidays.

So in the spirit of considering the environment this holiday season, we’re sharing some  ways to celebrate  more cautiously:

Instead of Wrapping Paper…

– Use old newspapers or magazines
– Use cloth bags your loved one will be able to reuse
– Put your gift in a metal tin or a small basket
– Give a service gift that only needs a bow

Decorate from Nature

– Use pinecones, tree branches or berries to embellish your home. You can compost them at the end of the season!
– Shop vintage or consignment stores to find unique decorations if nature isn’t fulfilling your holiday décor dream

Give Creative Gifts

– Purchase a membership to an organization or a gym for a family  member, we especially like yoga classes, passes to Art or Science Museums
– Buy music lessons for a special child in your life
– Give tickets to a sporting event or concert
– If you’re really like the tangible, give edible gifts or those that can be planted into the ground

It’s a rethinking we’re striving for here.  A happy holiday season a little less filled…

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