How not to do advanced framing

I stopped by a construction site the other day and talked to the framers.  I asked whether they were using advanced framing methods, since I could see 24 inch on center studs in the exterior walls.  They said yes.  I took a walk through the project to see the framing details, and here is one I just had to call out, to show you how NOT to do advanced framing.  Advanced Framing, or OVE (Optimum Value Engineering) usually refers to a series of details that reduce the amount of wood in the framed structure.  Less wood, used more thoughtfully, in the right places, allows for alot more insulation, and saves trees, and then saves the occupant utility money every month.

Here is a window sill with WAY TOO MUCH wood in it.  This will be a cold spot, and will leak energy for this owner, maybe even host condensation.  I will try to take thermal images this winter to show my point graphically.  But structurally speaking, only 1 stud is needed here, not six!

advanced framing

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