Cascade Built Quoted in Seattle Magazine August 2010

LEED for Homes (LEED-H)
Run by: United States Green Building Council (nonprofit)
Details: LEED (Leadership and Energy in Environmental Design), the renowned national system for rating commercial buildings, introduced LEED for Homes to our area in 2009. LEED-H recognizes performance in five areas: sustainable site development, water savings, energy efficiency, materials selection and indoor environmental quality. Certifies homes to Silver, Gold or Platinum standards. Standards are created by committees of experts in each field. All LEED-H-certified homes require third-party verification. An associated program, REGREEN for Homes, offers residential remodeling guidelines.
Testimonial: An early participant in LEED-H’s pilot program, Sloan Ritchie of Cascade Built, says LEED-H is an environmental pedigree: “They want to target the top 10 or 20 percent of homes being built.” (In this, he says, it differs in philosophy from Built Green, which works to get every builder involved at some level.) He emphasizes the importance of LEED’s third-party certification for all projects. “It’s a way for the homeowner to know that it’s not just ‘greenwashing’ coming from a builder, marketer or salesperson,” he says.

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