Visit us at Clearwater Commons on the 2012 Green Home Tour

2012 Green Home Tour

Our four home project (of 15 total units) at Clearwater Commons, a deep green co-housing community, is being featured this month as part of the EcoBuilding Guild’s 2012 Green Home Tour, which will feature green-built new homes, multi-family, remodels, cottages, energy retrofits, and more.

Located on North Creek near Bothell, WA, Clearwater Commons is an intentional, ecologically-responsible residential community on a 7.4 acre site which includes wetlands, forest, garden space, salmon-supporting creek habitat.

The Clearwater Commons’ properties are a blend of single family and multi-family townhomes with a contemporary design. All homes (even those that will be constructed in the future) use advanced framing to minimize material use and allow for greater insulation, low-toxin materials, a heat recovery ventilation system, and a unique pin pile foundation in place of a poured concrete foundation to allow shallow ground water to move unhindered through the site, preserving ground water flow paths on the wetlands.

Lots are currently available for purchase. Prices for lots + custom built green homes start at $400,000.

Check out this in depth article on ‘Life at the Commons’.

We look forward to seeing you on the tour!

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