Clearwater Commons

Mid-Winter Update

Currently 4 homes are under construction at Clearwater Commons, a duplex and 2 single family homes.  Recently, the Mini-B Passive House modular home was also delivered to the site, to serve as a guest house.

Last week, blown-in dense pack fiberglass insulation was installed.

Clearwater Commons

On Friday, sheetrock was delivered to the duplex.

This construction milestone marks the end of systems and beginning of finish work.

The siding on the duplex is complete also as of now.

Some of the features installed to date include:

  • 2″ poly iso rigid roof deck insulation, installed under the metal standing seam metal roof
  • Blown-in dense pack fiberglass insulation
  • 1″ rigid foam insulation on all exterior walls, taped seams for air-tightness
  • HRV – Heat recovery ventilation systems
  • 24″ OC advanced framing

The week of snow caused some delays for us, as there was a foot of snow at the Commons!

We are in the midst of getting the 2 single family homes ready for insulation and sheet rock.  The larger single family unit (pictured above) is almost ready for Framing inspection in order to move to the finish phase.


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