Selecting the Best Toilet

Whether you’re remodeling, building new or just replacing an older toilet, there are many factors to consider which I won’t go into but for one:  Buy one that is a good flusher.  How do you know before its too late?  Fortunately, there’s an independent group that has gone to the trouble to test flush thousands of toilets and measure performance.  300 is the minimum score equivalent to federal requirements, but don’t stop there.  Go at least 600+.  Many models can be purchased at reasonable prices that score 800 or 1000 and more.  The score represents ability to flush, so higher is better.  You can also use this resource to find Water Sense and High Efficiency Toilets HET, dual flush, go low flow people!  Also remember that ability to flush and water efficiency are not correlated, so you can score high on ability to flush and also be water efficient.  Check it out: MaP Testing

Niagara has a 0.8 GPF model!  How does it score, you ask?  800!


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