Are Wood Skyscrapers In Our Future?

Remember the cross laminate timber house we built for atelierjones? This unique construction method received a great deal of press this year for its potential use in future skyscraper construction. Check out this May article from Bloomberg:

And in this article from CBS News one Portland architect suggests buildings in Europe have been using CLT to build high rises for years.

One cited benefit is a reduction of the carbon emitted during the production of cement, lessening the building’s contribution to global warming.  Moreover, using wood means you are growing trees that take carbon out of the atmosphere while they grow, and even after they’re harvested.

A main point of skepticism related to fire was also disputed by the suggestion that “wood has an inherent fire resistance when it’s actually large”.

As pioneers, we’re always looking for more sustainable ways to build.  Our 13th and Pike and Hudson projects are paving the way for multi-family Passive House construction, and we’re hopeful CLT will make its way to more mainstream adoption.  How about you? Would you build a wood tower?

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